We are involved in every step of your digital project

From the initial strategy phase to execution and maintenance, MyStudioFactory provides comprehensive support for every stage of your digital initiatives


Strategic Analysis

We use forecasting and competitive analysis to help define your vision and digital roadmap.


Technical Audit

A deep dive into your digital presence to identify areas of opportunity and recommend a path forward.


UX / User Experience

We define and refine how your consumer experiences and interacts with your brand digitally.



We bring the experience to life across all mobile digital platforms: web, mobile, and connected devices.

A Unique blend of skills

MSF is made up of experts with a wide range of skills that fall into 3 main categories:

Business/Marketing, Technology, Customer experience / UX

Business / Marketing

“We understand your business and know how to manage complex projects”

Our project consultants, from leading consulting firms in strategy or technology, have significant digital experience. We are quick to understand your business and organisational challenges, and take them into account in our digital developments.


“We are digital technology experts”

Our team is made of experts who master the technologies associated with digital platforms such as web, mobile and connected devices. We are experts in high profile commercial, and we also work on Research and Development projects.

Customer experience / UX

“We anticipate your expectations”

Our designers and ergonomists are involved with each step of your project and ensure the customer experience is of the highest quality, and adopted by the greatest number of users.