The client

The Crédit Agricole group is composed of 39 regional banks, LCL and Crédit Agricole SA and is the second French banking group in terms of GDP (net income).

Smartphones offers great opportunities to innovate in the payment solutions space. Crédit Agricole innovates in the credit card payment space with Smart TPE.

The project

Smart TPE / Monem Mobile converts any supported iOS and Android smartphone into a payment terminal, through a bank card reader connected via bluetooth.


MyStudioFactory has designed and developed a mobile application in partnership with Crédit Agricole and LCL. The application provides exactly the same guarantees of payment and security than conventional Electronic Payment Terminals.


Credit card transactions are performed easily. The application offers the full services of a cash register, accepting all payment methods (checks and cash) and sending customised receipts by e-mail.


Smart TPE / Monem mobile offers the same level of security and guarantees of payment as conventional POS systems.