The client

Louis Vuitton is one of the world leaders in luxury goods. With a network of over 500 stores worldwide, the brand is also a key advertiser in the printed media.

Using image recognition technology, the LV Pass application can scan any Louis Vuitton ad and allows users to access exclusive content and order selected products directly.

The project

MyStudioFactory worked closely with Louis Vuitton's teams to define the concept of the LV Pass service, which allows a shorter consumer path between exposure to the brand's communications and the act of purchase.

The agency has worked closely with the IT department of the brand, in a spirit of synergy and convergence.


MyStudioFactory helped Louis Vuitton to define its strategic mobile roadmap.

MyStudioFactory defined the UX and all graphical aspects of the LV Pass project.

MyStudioFactory also developed all technical aspects of the iOS and Android applications, as well as its bespoke content management system.


LV Pass is a universal application, available on both iOS and Android, including mobile and tablet.

It is available in 18 languages and is therefore developing into an efficient tool to activate and connect with consumers in each country where the brand is present.


The application increases the value of Louis Vuitton's investment in visual media by reducing the time between exposure to their communications and the act of purchase.